Her-Bal Womb Wellness Tea


Her-bal Womb Wellness Tea, a divine infusion packed with the nurturing essence of Mug wort, Red Raspberry Leaf, and a curated blend of botanical wonders. Transcend into a realm of serenity with this delicious and floral tea, crafted to promote overall womb wellness.

Key Ingredients:
- Mugwort
- Red Raspberry Leaf

Floral Bliss Blend:
- Our tea features a carefully curated blend of Organic Hibiscus, Jasmine, Bamboo, Dandelion Root, Fresh Lavender, and Echinacea. This exquisite fusion not only tantalizes your taste buds but also contributes to the promotion of healthy skin, nails, and overall womb wellness.

Naturally Calorie-Free & Caffeine-Free:
- Indulge guilt-free in this naturally calorie-free and caffeine-free tea that aligns with your well-being goals.

Premium Whole Leaf:
- Immerse yourself in the richness of premium whole leaf tea, ensuring a delightful and fulfilling tea-drinking experience with every sip.

15 Servings Per Tin:
- Our Her-bal Womb Wellness Tea offers 15 servings per tin, providing ample opportunities to incorporate this soothing ritual into your daily wellness routine.

Serving Size and Steeping Instructions:
- Each serving size is 4fl oz., and steeping takes just 3-5 minutes for a quick and convenient infusion.

Loose Tea with Fillable Tea Bags:
- Our tea comes in loose form and is conveniently sold with fillable tea bags, allowing you to customize your tea experience.

Elevate your tea ritual with the divine infusion of our Her-bal Womb Wellness Tea, where Mugwort, Red Raspberry Leaf, and a bouquet of flowers combine to delivery bliss in a cup.